Thursday, March 12, 2015

Success: All free runs are on the new system

We hit a big milestone today as the Google deadline for OAuth1 retirement gets closer. As of today, all accounts are being sent to the new server and scans are being done with the latest Google technology. Paid users are still running on the old system and will continue to do so until testing is complete.

This is an important and critical step and we'll be monitoring closely for problems that arise. If you notice anything awry, please let us know. We are also testing a new payment system (moving from Paypal to Stripe).

Please give us some encouragement by donating: Thanks!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Help Us Test FindBigMail Version 2

The FindBigMail team has been busy building a new faster, streamlined, even more secure version that uses Google's latest behind-the-scenes updates for Gmail. Please give it a try here:

The usual beta software caveats apply. We might pause operation occaisionally to tweak things. We have, of course, done a careful security pass as security is always our highest priority.  Let us know at if you have any comments.

Geek talk: This version uses new Google email APIs that don't use IMAP and it is updated to use OAuth2. We're also moving to a more scalable hosting platform, and have moved away from PHP. The test site isn't https, but the final version will be (no personal information is transmitted to/from the site anyway, but we like SSL everywhere "just because"). Domain-wide access via Google Apps Marketplace is coming soon.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

All Mail handling in Apple Mail on OS X Maverick

Many FindBigMail users also use Apple Mail and use various tricks like disabling All Mail IMAP access. As such, we thought this article about some breaking changes in Apple Mail in Mavericks might be handy: The TL;DR version for our readers: Apple Mail tries harder to do the right thing with All Mail, but doesn't really succeed.

We hope you find this helpful!

Cheers, Matt & Mike @ FindBigMail

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Google announces search by size

Today, November 14th, Google announced that they have added features to Gmail to allow searching by size and age of email.

We’ve long asked for this feature and have encouraged you to do the same. This is a great improvement to the Gmail product and enables users to find their big emails easily within the existing Gmail interface.

We will leave the site up for existing and former customers so you can continue to process your full mailboxes using FindBigMail if you wish. If you can think of other features we might add to your Gmail experience please let us know.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Cheers, Matt & Mike

Monday, April 2, 2012

Search Page Makes Searching Gmail Easy

We've just added Advanced Search for Gmail to help you search your Gmail.  Many people have told us they found the Gmail search syntax confusing and needed a simpler way to sort through their emails.  Our stats back this up. We see there are many more large emails, and labeling by size and getting a top 20 list isn't always enough. Gmail has many great search features, and you can use this form to get to all of them!

Form Based Search
The new feature is a simple form based search.  You can specify whether you want to search for read or unread mail, for mail with any or a particular star or mark, for email sent from a certain person, for one or more words that must be in the email, for emails sent during a certain period, whether it has attachments and other criteria.  After choosing a few options and filling in a box or two, you can click the 'Search Now' button and a Gmail window will open with the results of the search you've built.

Search by Size
The search page also has a drop down list for email size.  If you've run FindBigMail, you can use the choices in the list to add the appropriate label to your search criteria to search emails by size.  Combined with your other search criteria, this makes it easier to refine your searches even further.

Use the new search page for any everyday search or for when you’re cleaning out those big emails.
Let us know what you think.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Managing Full Gmail in Google Apps

According to Google, over 4 million businesses and 40 million users are using Google Apps. That is a lot of Gmail boxes that will be overflowing! Here at FindBigMail, we've been looking hard at how to help.

IT managers for Google Apps traditionally do one of the following things to handle a full Gmail inbox:

  • create a 2nd Gmail account and forward all users emails to the new account, or
  • use Postini, also known as Google Message Discovery (GMD), to archive some of the users emails so they have more space
As a growing number are becoming aware of FindBigMail, they're adding a third solution:
  • add FindBigMail to their domain so that users can clean out their own accounts
Our scan logs show that people easily clear out 20-40% of their storage in less than 1/2 hour.

Here are some some pros and cons for each approach:

Monday, February 13, 2012

Faster website + faster scans = quicker Gmail space cleanups

There's never been a better time to find large attachments in Gmail. The FindBigMail website is now running at least twice as fast and scan speeds are faster too! We're on a new server with roughly ten times the capacity of the old one and far better network connectivity. So, don't be shy! Remember - FindBigMail works on your Google Apps email too.